Aviation Management Program Overview

The Aviation Management Program prepares students for employment and advancement in the airline industry. This program provides students with a career path for attaining the foundational skills, practical knowledge, and technical training necessary for pursuing a career in aviation management. Students completing this certificate will develop an advanced understanding of the safety, security, service, and regulatory requirements necessary to work in airline or aviation management. You will learn key tips from industry professionals about how to be successful in the competitive hiring process, the training, and in advancing your career.

In short, we have three primary goals:

  • To prepare you to be successful in the competitive hiring process
  • To prepare you to pass the rigorous training requirements
  • To provide college credit toward certificates, degrees, and transfer that will prepare you for career advancement opportunities
What are my options? How long will it take?
  • Aviation Management Certificate = 35 units (2-3 semesters)
  • Associate in Science Degree–Aviation Management = 60 units (2 years)
How much will it cost? How much financial aid can I get?


What is the job and salary outlook?

Airfield Operations Specialist

Airport Operations

Where do students work?

At LAX Airport Supervision, Long Beach Airport, American, Van Nuys Airport, Boeing, Jet Flite International, and more!

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* If you will be taking general education classes toward a degree, you’ll want to take the placement tests, but these tests are not necessary to start this program.

Note: Students may receive course credit for FAA certifications or military experience toward their degree. Please see the Credit by Examination section of the Cypress College Catalog and meet with the Department Coordinator.