Captain Ed Valdez

Captain Ed Valdez began teaching at Cypress College in 2004, after working in the aviation/airline industry for more than 32 […]

Mark Blanes

Mark Blanes started teaching at Cypress College in 2014. Just like his fellow colleague Jeff Co, Mark began his airline […]

Curt Castagna

Curt Castagna has a diverse background and more than 35 years of proven expertise in all aspects of aviation and […]

Jeff Co

Jeff Co started teaching at Cypress College in 2011. He began his airline career as a customer service crew member […]

Elizabeth “Beth” Ennis

Elizabeth “Beth” Ennis has been promoting aviation through education for 25 years. She began her aviation career in 1992 as […]

Chuck Gifford

Chuck Gifford was hired to start and develop the Aviation program at Cypress (Junior) College in 1967, the second year […]

Sherry Groff

Sherry Groff began teaching at Cypress College in 2005 after retiring as Vice President of Inflight Services for US Airways. […]

Steve McCormick

Steve McCormick has been working as a Professional Expert at Cypress College since 2014. He worked at Thales Avionics as […]

Michael “Mike” Hannah

Michael “Mike” Hannah began teaching at Cypress College in 2006. He is retired from the law enforcement profession, serving 30 […]

Marilyn “Mimi” Ivey

Marilyn “Mimi” Ivey began teaching at Cypress College in 2006 as an online instructor. She began her flying career as […]

Jane Jepson

Jane Jepson loves teaching ATC 182 Cultural Tourism! She is an avid traveler and has lots of must-visit places on […]

Dr. Charmaine Kaimikaua

Dr. Charmaine Kaimikaua has been teaching at Cypress College since 1996 in the Communication Studies and Airline Travel Careers departments. […]

Cira Oropeza

Cira Oropeza is an alumnus of Cypress College obtaining both a Certificate from the Aviation/Travel Careers program and her Associates […]

Nancy Matsui

Nancy Matsui started her airline career as a Flight Attendant based in New York City. Through her overall 25+ years […]

Iwalani “Evie” Palicz

Iwalani “Evie” Palicz is an alumna of the Cypress College Flight Attendant Program who has been teaching at Cypress since […]

Kathleen Reiland

Kathleen Reiland began teaching at Cypress College in 2000 after working in the airline industry for more than 21 years. […]

Mary Ann Saunders

Mary Ann Saunders is an alumnus of the Cypress College Travel and Tourism Program and has been tutoring at Cypress […]

Katy Straughan

Katy Straughan is an Alumni of Cypress College. She received her Associates in Science Degree in Travel and Tourism and […]

Kathy March

Kathy March went back to college in 2002 to learn about computers, so she could get back into the workforce, […]