Internships and Independent Study

Internships (ATC 295):

Students who currently work in customer service, the travel industry, or for a flight school may, with their employer’s permission, use their current work experience toward internship credit (225 paid hours or 180 unpaid hours).  If you are not working, but you have completed any basic ATC certificate, and you qualify for work study under financial aid, you may work up to 20 paid hours per week for the ATC program.  Or, If you have completed any basic ATC certificate, and you do not qualify for work-study, you may apply for an unpaid internship in the ATC program with the Department Coordinator. The work varies depending upon your major, but we woek to match the projects that you would work on with your field of study.

Units and Hours:

For each unit of credit, students must complete 60 hours of unpaid internship work or 75 hours of paid work.  Since ATC 295 is a three-unit class, students must complete a minimum of 180 unpaid hours or 225 paid hours of approved work experience documented on an Internship Evaluation Form to receive credit for the course. The completed form must be sent or faxed directly to the instructor.

Forms:  (click to download)

Looking for an Internship? (See the links at the bottom of this page)

ATC 299 Independent Study:

The ATC 299 Independent Study course is designed for students who wish to increase their knowledge of the aviation and/or travel industry through professionally directed independent study or research. Unit credit ranges from .5 to 2 units in any given semester.

Instructional Objectives (Use measurable objectives only)
Objectives will be individualized and listed on the Independent Study Learning Contract as agreed to by the student and the instructor.

Course Content and Scope (instructional topics or units):
This course will vary according to the subject of the Independent Study Learning Contract.

Writing Assignments and/or Proficiency Demonstration (skill-based courses):
Writing assignments will be demonstrated by assignments specified in the Learning Contract.

Total hours of study required for a semester:

Units Hours Page Length of Research Paper*
.5 18 3
1 36 6
1.5 54 9
2 72 12

* Page length does not include title page or works cited.


ATC 299 Independent Study Forms:  (click to download)

Possible Internship Opportunities

If you are not working and you have completed 18 units of credit in the program, then you might contact the Career Center for possible internship opportunities ( You may also email Mary Ann Saunders at or try these locations:

LAX Volunteer Information Professionals (VIP at LAWA):
Sign up at:

LGB Volunteer Information
Long Beach Airport
Public Affairs Office
562-570-2675 or 562-570-2678

Hallmark Aviation (LAX Job Opportunities)

Swissport (LAX Job Opportunities)

JFI JetCenter: Download Job Description: JFI Jets.docx
Customer Service Supervisor
4310 Donald Douglas Dr., Suite 202
Long Beach, CA 90808
+1 562-425-8800 — Office
+1 562-425-3057 — Fax